Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's just YOU and me here!

Even among the masses, YOU draw me in to that quiet time alone. It's just YOU & me here, only YOU & me here! I forget all that has happened in the past couple of months and all that is around me...time stands still and I have YOU all to myself. You are my one true focus, the love of my life. YOU give my measly life purpose, meaning, sustenance and reason. YOU are the reason that I live, the reason that I breathe, the reason that I sing, the reason I do anything...everything, with all I have and am.
How do I get so lost all the time? Why do I allow myself to forget these moments and to feel so alone and worthless? How can I be so simple minded and easily swayed?
I stay in YOUR WORD and try to stay focused and yet it never fails, I drop my eyes to myself rather than keeping them on YOU and then the battle begins...they stay on me longer and longer; on YOU less and less, until I've fallen right back into the same old mess. You would think after 11 years of this battle, that it wouldn't happen anymore, but the fact of the matter is that one thing remains true...I'm human, and I will fall...YOU are not and YOU never will. YOU are faithful and so YOU will pull me up and in every time.
PRAISE YOU for YOUR infinite mercy and grace and compassion and truly unconditional love!

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