Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lessons learned from a choo choo train...yes I said choo choo train

My son is obsessed with trains, so whenever we find anything to do with trains, particularly Thomas (of course) we have indulged...ok overindulged. So now I refuse to buy anything to do with Thomas or anything overly cartoony, but I found some actual reference books on the effect trains have had in history...just as excited and yet informative. I don't mind the passion, just have to curb the obsession.
I also found a copy of the Little Engine That Could...WOW! what determination that Little Engine had. I love the lesson that this will teach him as he grows up...what a great tool for me to be able to use as we face obstacles together..."What would the Little Engine say if he had this problem Sammy?"..."How would the Little Engine feel about this situation Sammy?"...if it doesn't help him face the obstacles and problems of life, at least maybe he'll get so sick of hearing about the Little Engine himself and drop the obsession... Is that wrong of me? I mean sometimes it's really cute, but sometimes, it's like COME ON! Can we just go down a street and not have to hear "Look at the choo choo train lights! Look at the choo choo train tracks! Look it! Look it Mommy!" until I respond emphatically "Oh wow, yes look at that!" even though I'm lost, trying to read directions, make sure I don't get hit by a train and not miss my next turn.
Although, I know if it ceased at this very moment to ever happen again, I'd miss it sick am I?

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