Monday, February 1, 2010

Who am I really?

If I've ever been consistent with anything it is in my inconsistency...
I took a personality test...3 times, and each time turned up with a different result. Twice I was predominantly Sanguine (inspiring, inconsistent...duh, impulsive, influential, influenced, illogical), with strong 2nd and 3rd traits in Phlegmatic (sensitive, slow, sweet, stable & shy), then Melancholy (calculated, scheduled, consistent...huh?, controlled, cautious, careful).
The 2nd time the Plegmatic and Melancholy were switched, but both times they were very close.
But the 3rd time the predominant trait was Melancholy and the other 2 were Sanguine and Phlegmatic...which were pretty close still...but whoa! what an eye opener. For my personality to be so conflicted all the wonder I'm exhausted all the time...and sometimes extremely depressed...I don't know who the heck I am or who I will be from one day to the next. None of the results ended with a high score in the 4th type (Choleric- domineering, dominant, decisive, driven...I'd probably drive myself truly crazy), so I guess that's good
I'd probably say the 3rd result is probably the most accurate...I mean come on, I took the test 3 times, just to be sure...sounds pretty cautious & calculated to me, plus that would explain the consistency in my inconsistency, huh? It's a wonder how I've made it this far in life without ending up in a padded room. I keep telling my family that they're driving me crazy, but the reality is they really don't have far to drive.
I'm glad to know what I'm up against...I took the test a couple of years ago from a book, but I lost my results and there wasn't a little graph like on the website, so I couldn't ever remember what the final result's really as I suspected all along...
I like to have fun, but it has to be organized or it's no fun at all. I need my quiet time, in a quiet environment (I'm really sensitive to loud noise, but not loud music...if I'm in the right frame of mind for the loud music, otherwise it's just noise). I can be spontaneous when I feel like it, I do like to surprise my loved ones, but don't really like to be surprised, unless it's something simple like a little unexpected affection or gift (flowers, token of appreciation, etc...not a big gift, then I just feel guilty). I like to serve other's needs, but feel bad or uncomfortable having other people serve me, unless I just really need it, then I just really need it and hope someone just recognizes it, I'd never tell anyone I need it...and if I don't get it, I get depressed and feel like no one really loves me...ridiculous I know, but I'm illogical remember. I love to love people and when other's are hurting, I hurt too..."Please don't cry or I will too. I have a strict policy, no one cries alone in my presence." If you know this quote, then you understand why this is one of my all time favorite movies...I identify with all these women's personalities.
And now you know me as well as I know myself...are you as confused as I am?

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