Thursday, April 22, 2010

Backin up your faith

I love the Bible! I love the wisdom and guidance it provides. It's funny how some find it contradictory, when really it is so complimentary to itself. Where in some places it speaks of the importance of a faith by CHRIST's actions alone...other's speak about faith by our works... But if you really look at what is being said you'll see that two different people were being addressed with two totally different issues. Where on one side the people were trying to achieve salvation only by ritualistic behavior; on the other side they were talking the talk, but not living the life...they said all the spiritually "right" things, but no follow through on those things... In both situations the thing that was lacking was the right was all mind...all self, not motivated by CHRIST, the love that HE poured out, only the human perception of what was "right". They were really missing the point, the beauty of what it truly means to be a believer. We are redeemed from the absolute worst...worse than any human mind can comprehend & given the absolue BEST, most precious gift...better than any human mind can comprehend. For that I am eternally grateful, humbled, amazed, and though we are completely unworthy, we are so worth it to HIM to subject Himself to the abuse, torment and torturous, shameful death of a criminal. How can we not want to live our lives soully for HIM, to project that love that we do not deserve onto others who don't deserve it either. I recognize that I am filthy and wretched, but I am washed clean and dearly loved by the Creator and KING of all things created. HALLELUJAH! PRAISE the LORD JESUS!

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