Monday, February 1, 2010

Search for Significance

I read this book (The Search for Significance) a little over a year ago and it's funny how things escape you if you don't continuously apply them. But in the book I'm reading now (Finding the Hero in Your Husband) she quotes this book...reminding me that "I have great value based solely on my status as GOD's creation & HIS love for me." Amazing, I read it a year ago and I already forgot that simple concept, which was the whole premise of the book.
Why is this such a constant struggle for me and I'm sure countless others? I mean, we have a natural tendency to worship...we worship HIM at church and during devotions; HE shows HIMSELF daily and generously...yet still I forget that very basic truth. It's so frustrating! If I remind myself to think deeply on it then I'm fine...for that moment, but then something distracts me (a typical sanguine trait) and I'm back in the struggle to remember it. And depending on how long I allow myself to be distracted it gets harder and harder to remember, I could go days, weeks and even months without remembering...and then something brings me back to that truth once more and I am healed...again. I hate the fact that I just can't seem to get it through this thick skull once and for all.
But for now I'm grateful for the new day and I am grateful for the reminder...I wrote it on my wall. Maybe it'll stick now...well for now anyway.


  1. The search is for the Christ. To know him. To walk with him. To glory in his significance. He is significant and I am in him.

  2. Yep that's pretty much the whole point of the book.