Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Un-crippling the Fear

I love how GOD's timing works...and when HE chooses to address our struggles and issues in HIS infinitely wise time. Last night's video for the Beth Moore study on Esther was dedicated to fear...well overcoming fear, by trusting completely, not conditionally, in the LORD. So often we tell ourselves, "If this happens..., then ....", when really we need to say, "If anything happens..., then GOD ...(will take care of me, will sustain me, will protect me, etc.)" She gave several blanks to be filled in and mine looked like this..."If no one likes me and turns their backs on me leaving me all alone on earth, then GOD's going to demonstrate HIS sufficiency in me"; "If everyone abandons me, then GOD is still with me...HE will never leave me or forsake me"; "If the burden is too much to cary, then GOD will hoist it onto HIS majestic shoulders & bare it for me"; "If I fail, then GOD has a plan"; "If I am widowed, then GOD will take care of me"; and "If I perish, then GOD has me in HIS hands & I am still HIS."
Though Esther was terrified for her life to go before the king (legitimate fear of the law), she fasted and prayed and then got dressed not as a beggar to plead for her life and the lives of her people, not as a wife to seduce her hubby or manipulate him with her physical appearance (which probably would've worked, she was gorgeous), but as Queen in her royal robes. She dug deep and mustered not only courage, but she put that courage on the foundation of her position as Queen and Princess to the Ultimate KING...she had dignity, strength, courage, and she was regal. Though trembling underneath all that garb, she stood firm as the "Queen of the vast Persian Empire." She did not let her fears paralyze her any longer...she stood up and walked into that throne room with her head held high and conquered that fear with action.
What a heroine...! Talk about your Wonder Woman! I used to dress up in my UnderRoos and put foil around my wrists and dance around in circles when I was a little girl...in that outfit, I was strong, I was bold,I was confident...I could deflect bullets with my foil wrist bands. Maybe I should start wearing some foil wrist bands under my clothes and I would remember that confidence and courage...only maybe I'll arm my wrists with the armour of GOD and deflect those nasty little arrows of negative thoughts from penetrating my mind, body, heart and soul. Maybe I could write scripture verses on some foil and wrap that around my whole body...
Oh well for now, I'll stick with prayer and reading the scripture & posting it on notecards on my walls.

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