Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Love Language Over-Flow

After reading the 5 Love Languages and working so hard to discover & fill my hubby's language and tank...I stumbled on a wonderful discovery. My 3 yr. old son is a little obsessed with choo choo trains, on Friday I had a little time on my hands as I entered his room. He promptly inquired if I'd like to play choo choo trains..."Absolutely I do...that just happens to be exactly why I came in here!" Oh the joy and excitement on that boy's face! I've never seen him light up so much...as we played and his little love tank was filled up (quality time...who'd'a thunk it), it started to over-flow into his secondary love language (words of affirmation). He just started spewing "Oh mama...you're the prettiest in all da world! I love you in all da time! You're such a good girl mama! I so proud of you!" He was dancing that little dance of joy! I had tears streaming down my face as I realized how this poor little man's love tank had been so close to empty up to this point. I was able to keep it from being completely empty by affirming him with words in the past, but when I tapped into the most important thing to him...I hit that boy's jackpot! It was one of the most precious moments in my life.
The next day, I took him on a date...dressed up in my prettiest black dress w/my red high heeled shoes and red lipstick...and we went to IHOP to get pancakes for dinner.
Needless to say, he's been asking for another date ever since...and I've been trying to make at least time to play choo choo trains with him for a few minutes each day...he's quick to shut that door so I can't escape.
I highly recommend this book...you will so bless your family and be blessed by it as well.

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